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Upgrade Your Fireplace at Warming Trends

Upgrade Your Mantel & Hearth, Fireplace or Stove at Warming Trends

Do you already have an existing fireplace, insert, or stove but want something different? At Warming Trends, we have several options for updating and upgrading your current hearth.

Our Upgrade Recommendations

Upgrading a Wood Fireplace

Inserts are a great option if you currently have a wood fireplace but are looking for something cleaner or more efficient. Gas inserts can be placed in most all existing wood fireplaces. Converting to gas will keep your home cleaner than hauling in firewood and hauling out ash while still having the same great look and warm feel of your current fireplace. Upon installation, gas line is run to your current fireplace and your chimney is updated to accommodate for the gas insert. This is usually by running new gas vent pipe through your existing chimney. Check out our line of Valor gas inserts that don’t require an outlet.

If you like your wood fireplace but still want to upgrade to something new, we can install a high efficiency wood fireplace insert. High efficiency wood fireplaces and inserts can increase your current wood burning fireplace from 40% efficiency to over 85%. Plus, with a sealed high efficiency unit, you will burn less wood saving you time and money on chopping and hauling cord wood.

Upgrading a Gas Fireplace

Our installers at Warming Trends can take out your current gas fireplace and install a new zero clearance gas fireplace in its place with minimal changes to the existing finishes around the fireplace.

Upgrading a Coal Fireplace

If you have an old coal burning fireplace but want to burn gas with minimal damage to the surrounding hearth, we can help! Our gas Valor Portrait Series is compact enough to fit into old fashioned coal fireplaces with minimal to no damage to the surrounding area. These units are available in traditional models that look just like a coal burning fireplace and in sleek, clean models if you are looking to modernize the look of your hearth. Visit our showroom today to see this unit on display.

Upgrading a Stove

Our installers will take out your old stove and when installing your new one can usually use the same hole for your new one.

Stone, Tile, & Mantel Upgrades

Like your current hearth unit but just want it to be updated? We have many options to update, customize, and modernize your current fireplace or stove. At Warming Trends, we offer custom stone, tile, mantels and mantel surrounds for your fireplace. Our installers will remove your current stone, brick, or tile and replace it with something new.

We can often update the doors in your fireplace or stove by replacing the door(s) with new glass and by updating metal trim pieces to a new and different finish. The finish on your stove and stove pipe can also be updated by adding a new custom layer of paint. We can touch up chipped, worn, or faded spots on your stove and pipe or we can repaint it to a new color like charcoal gray or burgundy red. Adding a new hearth pad under your stove is another way we can help update the look of your current hearth as well. We have several samples in store to choose from and can also build custom pads just for you.


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  • Inside depth D

Stop in and see all of the different stoves, fireplaces, and inserts we have to offer.