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Gas Inserts Available at Warming Trends in Onalaska, WI

Pellet, Gas, & Wood Fireplace Inserts

Warming Trends in Onalaska, WI has several insert options for sale. An insert allows an existing wood burning fireplace to be turned into a more efficient, easy to use heat source. Most traditional wood burning fireplaces tend to suck a lot of the warm air in the home right out the chimney.

Today’s inserts are designed to be compact to fit into existing fireplace openings. They will take this inefficient fireplace and turn it into a beautiful, lower maintenance, efficient heat source! Installing a wood insert will improve efficiencies and heat transfer, while still sticking with the wood fuel. A pellet insert allows the user to move to burning easier and cleaner pellet fuel and also brings the convenience of thermostat control and automatic fire ignition. A gas insert will be the lowest maintenance yet, and will offer a wide range of finish options to maximize aesthetics!

Stop in and see all of the different pellet, gas, and wood fireplaces inserts we have to offer.