2014 Pellet Club & Maintenance Sign Up (thru March 20th, 2014)

The Pellet Club started as a fuel savings program for our stove customers. Today many customers use it as a service/maintenance savings program, with discounts on pellet fuel too! Save on cleanings, service calls and parts, pellets & accessories all year.

  •  Discount on Early Buy Lock In Pellet Purchases (Avg. $15-$25/skid)  
  •  Discount on On-Season Pellet Purchases ($10/skid or $0.20/bag)
  •  25% Discount on Replacement Parts & Labor Rates  
  •  25% Discount on Accessories (Ash Vacs, Glass Cleaner, Starter Gel, Cleaning Brushes)  
  •  Discounted Maintenance Programs-Including the Gold Membership, which comes with a 1 Year Extended Parts & Labor Warranty!

2014 Pellet Club & Maintenance Info

2014 Pellet Club Sign Up Form