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Gas Stoves Available at Warming Trends in Onalaska, WI

Gas Stoves Available in Onalaska, WI

Warming Trends in Onalaska, Wisconsin has several brands of gas stoves available. Gas burning appliances are user-friendly heating alternatives with easy to use features, high-efficiency and a low environmental impact.

What is a Gas Stove?

A gas stove is free standing, similar to the look of a wood stove while a gas fireplace is built into the wall. The advantage of investing in a gas stove is that it radiates heat from all four sides whereas a fireplace only radiates heat from the front. Though both can be used to zone-heat your home, stoves can often heat a larger area more effectively. There is usually less finishing costs involved with a freestanding gas stove vs. a gas fireplace. Since they are both excellent alternative heating sources, for many homeowners, the decision comes down to aesthetics.

The versatility of gas burning appliances allows you to have them installed in any room of your house as long as there is an available hook up to a gas line. There are remote control operated models, models with thermostat control or models that can be turned on with just the flip of a switch.

Gas stoves are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs to compliment your homes décor. The brands that we offer at Warming Trends include: Enviro, Archgard, Valor, Vermont Casting, and Marquis

Stop in and see all of the different gas stoves we have to offer.

Enviro Gas Stoves

Canadian-made Stoves from Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Enviro uses cutting edge technology and imaging procedures to produce the high quality designs for your home. Enviro is recognized in the industry as having one of the most stringent quality standards. Enviro also has fireplaces and inserts available. See all available Enviro Gas Stoves by clicking the arrows below.

Archgard Gas Stoves

When you purchase an Archgard product you can count on uncompromising Quality, meticulous Design, and the Dependability to keep you and your home warm for years to come. Archgard also manufactures inserts and fireplaces.

Valor Gas Stoves

Valor continues to set new standards in efficiency, comfort control and fashionable design which results in quality made, energy efficient, and an impressive collection. We also have Valor fireplaces and inserts available. See all available Valor Gas Stoves by clicking the arrows below. 

Vermont Castings Gas Stoves

When you purchase a Vermont Castings product you are getting the promise of true American craftsmanship with timeless designs and furniture quality finish. We also have Vermont Casting fireplaces and inserts available. See all available Vermont Castings Gas Stoves by clicking the arrows below. 

Marquis Gas Stoves

With an exacting reputation for engineering and quality, our products – from Kingsman gas fireplaces and inserts to free standing stoves – as well as our philosophies, inspire confidence. In turn, our ability to exceed expectations is reflected in our phenomenal growth over the last four years.